Thoughts on the movie “Woodlawn” and Billy Graham’s influence on the Civil Rights movement

Quote at the beginning of the movie “Woodlawn”.

“Darkness does not drive out darkness only light can do that.   Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.”   Martin Luther King, Jr.

My brother Al McCarn shared with me about his recent visit to the Billy Graham museum in Charlotte, NC.  Yesterday, I watched the 2015 movie called “Woodlawn”.  It is the true story about Birmingham, Alabama football star Tony Nathan (a dark brown young man) and the transformation that took place at Woodlawn High School.  Nearly all of the football team gave their life to Messiah (Christ) after a gospel message given to them by Hank whose life was transformed in Texas at a Billy Graham event when the message of love and peace invaded his life.   At the end of the movie, they had an actual clip of Billy Graham speaking.   And then it hit me, the Jesus Revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s busted down the racial divide and brought love and peace to all colors of people.  In this Jesus Revolution, Billy Graham had a major role to play.   Racial tensions were high at Woodlawn High School during the beginnings of forced integration or desegregation.   But, the football team became a living example of God’s love for each us through Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ His Son).  One of the most powerful parts of the movie was seeing the head football coach Tandy Gerelds walk into a church filled with dark brown faces.  Here, he wept and shared how he accepted Christ and how Tony Nathan and other football players were instrumental for him to make that decision.  He asked to be baptized that morning in the church.   Could it be that we in Ephraim have lost this message of love and mutual respect for one another?  Do we subjugate people through control and manipulation (The adversary can provide plenty of resources to do this!) so that our way of thinking can reign supreme?   My brothers Ken Rank and Hanoch Young are leading another “revolution”.   Is this “Revolution of Restoration” the next wave to bring Ephraim back to the place of love and harmony with others in Ephraim?   This forced desegregation was used by our Heavenly Father to till the ground and make ready for the seed of the Gospel message in public schools throughout the South.   Is the B’ney Yosef National Shabbat a type of “spiritual desegregation” to push us to the place of love, acceptance, and mutual respect?  Many will continue to walk the path of forcing their doctrines upon others.   Yet, despite the detractors along the way the transforming love of Yeshua will usher in a new wave of a “Revolution of Restoration” that will change the world!  Will you walk with me?  This is what I believe to be one of our first steps on our journey back home to Israel.

Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us
strengthen (encourage) one another!

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Releasing the Clutter of the Mind to Hear His Voice

My wife and I went to visit her family this past Thanksgiving (Nov. 2017).   It is always a good time with much laughter in the home.   Visiting my in-law’s provided a welcome opportunity to free myself from the clutter in my mind and hear His voice.  While visiting South Florida, we decided to have a little family reunion with fellow Yisraelites.  For Shabbat, we gathered at a congregation called “My Father’s House” in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar FL area.  As the service started a brother from Great Britain spoke up front.   I am able to broadly distinguish between the English speaking accents of South Africa, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and England.  As I am intently looking at this brother, the Ruach HaKodesh whispers into my ear, “He is from the South of England.”   I asked, “Abba what is this all about?”  Needless to say, the Ruach HaKodesh whispered again, “Surrey, England to be exact.”  I had to look up on my phone where Surrey, England is!  It happens to be a city in the Southeast of England!   If my antennas were not up at the beginning of this Holy Spirit conversation, now, they really were!  I whispered to my wife, “He’s from Surrey, England.”   She thought I knew British accents with the precision of knowing which town the speaker was from.  The next part of the conversation was, “Abba what do I do with this?”  He instructed me to speak to this brother after the service and mention that he is from Southeast England–Surrey, England to be exact.   He was blown away that I knew this and asked how I knew!  I responded that the Ruach HaKodesh whispered in my ear. He shared about how he had fond memories growing up in Surrey, England.  With YHVH there are no coincidences.  There are other matters, I need to talk to him about that Abba is revealing to me.   I did make an instant connection with this brother!  Sometimes our minds become cluttered with other things where Abba needs to refresh us to become receptors to hear His voice. Serving others effectively, after all,  is what it really is about.  Sometimes Abba may select you to give a word in season to someone, however, if you allow the mind to become cluttered and distracted, He most assuredly will find someone else to deliver the message!

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A Timely Blog from my Brother

This latest blog from my brother Pete Rambo really touched my heart.  As I was reading it aloud to my wife, it brought tears to my eyes.   I had a brief discussion with my brother Al McCarn concerning brethren that answer Pete’s question that they rally around a common father when in fact their behavior reflects a far different answer.  My analytic mind tried to delve deeply into the psychology of this question of why folks cannot see their behavior is not consistent with what they think about themselves.  Al responded with a simple to the point answer, “They have a log in their eye.”

Could we say, then that the family of Ephraim has a need to partake of a considerable amount of de-planking?  Where does it start?  Take a long look in the mirror!

The Elders and the Administrative Council for B’ney Yosef North America meet on a quarterly basis via to insure our bi-weekly individual Council meetings are well coordinated and moving in the same direction. Our discussions and interaction is always rich and warm as we compare notes and chart the course for the coming months and […]

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Thank you for this post achi Pete! Great interview Al, et al!!

We are just days away from the release of Ten From the Nations, assembled and edited by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, and I am so excited!! I have a pdf copy in hand and am reading and digesting the many testimonies of those from the nations who are at various points of the Torah Awakening. […]

via Another dynamite interview with Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler — natsab

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Encounter at the Eclipse


We had a blessed time viewing the eclipse this past Monday.   We chose “Fields of the Wood” in Western North Carolina as our viewing spot.  It is freely open to the public and sponsored by the Church of God in Prophecy out of Cleveland, TN.  We always need to be ready both in-season and out-of-season.   You never know what encounters await you. Pictured behind us is a Pastor of the Church of God in Prophecy.    He pastors a fellowship in Lindale, GA.   Husbands, you must realize that your wives have spiritual senses that you do not have. Reyyna was coaxing me to introduce myself to the Pastor after we heard him speaking about the prophetic signs dealing with the eclipse.   Halleluyah, I listened and we went over and introduced ourselves.  After seeing the Hebrew on our shirts (Od Yosef Chai – Yosef lives!), he said, “I know you understand what I am talking about.”  Then we began sharing about each of our beliefs.  The rapture came up and we said that we, instead, believed in the Exodus and the reunification of all of Israel’s tribes as spoken of in Ezekiel 37.   Though he saw we were different, he deliberately came to our side of the walk way.   He joined us in fellowship as we blew the shofar and read from Joel chapter 2.   How you present yourselves to someone in the church is very important.   We treated him as our brother and did not act superior or afraid that we would somehow get contaminated by being in his presence (Yes, I see those in this walk acting like that!).  In doing so, we believe this pastor opened up his heart to us that day and we were able to plant seeds.   We have an open invitation to his congregation to come and blow the shofar.   He even invited us to help lead a Passover seder at his church, but we have plans to be in Israel during that time.  Doors are opening and we must be ready.   If we get off our lofty perches, Yah will do great things!!!

Below:  Photo of a painting showing “Fields of the Wood”.   We observed the eclipse at the peaked area in the upper right that forms a cross.


And here is a picture we took of the ten commandments.


Blessings Kol Yisrael,

Tzefanyah ben Yochanon

Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us
strengthen (encourage) one another!


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Looking Like Joseph

Thank you, Al, for posting this. This is a vision worthy of our attention, indeed!

The Barking Fox

Enrique Simonet, Flevit super illam (He wept over it). (Prado Museum, via Wikimedia Commons)

How do we evaluate dreams and visions? Like everything else, we test them to Scripture.

There is no question that God sends these Divine communications to people. There is also no question that there are alternative sources of dreams: satanic influences, mind-altering drugs, wild imaginations, or even the aftermath of a wrestling match with disagreeable food. That is why we evaluate everything according to the standard of Scripture to see if it is consistent with the Word of God. Not everything will stand up to that standard, which is why we must be careful to sift the legitimate messages from the deceptive, the irrelevant, and the just plain loony. This is important because we now live in the time when the words of the prophet Joel are coming to pass:

It will come…

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BYNA Radio – ReUnion Roadmap

It has been a pleasure working with Al, Barry Phillips, and David Jones. Abba has clearly lead and guided us as we have put together each program!

The Barking Fox

Have you heard Reunion Roadmap yet? This is the new radio program by B’ney Yosef North America. You can hear it on Hebraic Heritage Radio every weekend –

Saturday @ 9:00 EST/8:00 CST/7:00 MST/6:00 PST

Sunday @ 11:00 EST/10:00 CST/9:00 MST/8:00 PST

What’s that? You aren’t in a place to hear the show at those times? No problem! The podcasts are available on the B’ney Yosef North America website at:

Tune in anytime to hear a variety of high quality worship music, encouraging testimonies, and uplifting teaching by the BYNA Elders!

This is the show designed to introduce the emerging North American Ephraimite community to one another. We’re always looking for guests to interview and topics and questions for discussion. If you would like to take part in this adventure, send us an email at

Dial in and listen, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Source: BYNA…

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