Chag Same’ach – Sukkot Blessings

Shalom Kol Yisrael,

I have just finished the Sukkah in time for our Succot celebration tomorrow at our home. I secured in the last boards, cleaned up and went it inside. Then, it began to rain!!

YHWH gave us wives to encourage their husbands. I started this Sukkah initially and was ready to give up. But, Reyyna only spoke words of encouragement and I rallied under those words. It really is a picture of the tribulation. When we are at our weakest, the Holy Spirit will encourage us to continue to fight the good fight of faith. This Sukkah really was an act of worship for me. Scripture says that whatever you do, do your work heartily as for YHWH rather than for man. For from YHWH, you will receive the reward of the inheritance for it is the Master Yeshua you serve (see Collosians 3:23-24). And since I was building a Sukkah, the reward of the inheritance will be living in the Land of Yisrael for my family!!

I pray that this Succoth season will be one filled with joy and strength. May you realize the greatness of the Spirit of Messiah that dwells in you!

Shavua tov,

Tzefanyah Pappas
Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us
strengthen (encourage) one another!

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