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Enlisted As A Soldier: Written September 22, 2009 while in Yisrael

Shalom Kol Yisrael,

The past few days in Yerushalayim have been amazing.   One thing that Father impressed upon my heart is that we cannot be a soldier until you step on to the battlefield.  Previously, we wrote that Abba has been speaking to our hearts about being tzofim or scouts and how this word’s root is tzofa/tzofay (female/male)  meaning watchman.   Before we left for Yisrael we went to say goodbye to a brother who we had been staying at.  They had some mail for us.   There was a package from eBay.  The return address said something like, “Soldier services from the Carolinas.”  Inside the package was a CPU (Central Processing Unit) for a Pentium 3 computer.   If I wasn’t paying attention,  I wouldn’t have noticed.  But, I believe it was a package from YHWH.   If you know computers, the CPU controls the computer. It is the “father” of the computer.  The CPU “instructs” other computer equipment hard-drives, printers, mouse and keyboard to do their job.  Reyyna and I have been enlisted, conscripted into His Army.  The USA is basic training.  Yisrael is the battlefield.  There are so many forces contending for Yerushalayim and for this country Yisrael.  Basic training cannot reveal to you the fullness of the battle.  Other soldiers in arms may come and speak to you about the battlefield, but until you actually enter the “fray” do you see it and understand the enemies.  Brothers and sisters, come for a month if you can.  Tours insulate you from the battle.  I was here in 1998 on a tour and I did not see what I have been seeing now.  I am in a much different place now.  I really don’t think I was ready for the battlefield.  The same spirits that Y’shua faced are still here.  Spirits of greed, religion, fear, unloving spirits.  Light and darkness collide here.   But, never let the enemy convince you that this is not a good land.  Without a spirit of Yehoshua and Calev, you will see all these spirits as giants.  If you haven’t begun to face them in your own life, when you get here they will overwhelm you.  Start your basic training Yisraelites in the diaspora, we need more soldiers.

Mishpochah in the USA said to us, “You are going for us.”  This reminds me of responses to soldiers who go away to war for their country.  Citizens realize they are going to battle for them.

Yerushalayim is not a “magical” city like Disney land; the real battle for the hearts and minds of people is going on here.   Before we entered the Old City a few days ago, we were video taping.  I said to the camera that this is the place where light and darkness collide.  Shortly after, the battle was displayed before us as we went to look at the Western Wall.

Here are highlights of that trip:

  • After explaining explain about the collision of light and darkness a man approached us and asked us to take his picture.  We came to find out that he was from Denmark.  He came from an Orthodox family and now displayed a hatred for his own people.   He was an atheist and fully in the camp with the enemies of Yisrael and believed the people of Yisrael had no right to protect themselves. He went on and on.  Many of you have already heard this story!   We realized that conversation was going nowhere so we allowed him to walk ahead of us and we went in another direction as we proceeded into the old city.
  • As we’re walking through the streets of the Old City investigating on our own a man came up to us and asked us if we knew where we were going and he could show us around.  He said that he was a Moroccan Jew and a believer in Y’shua.  He said his name was David.  He was very nice and cordial and showed us around and did a good job of explaining things.  You will see him on our video.  By the time we reached the end of our journey his fruit was displayed.  He asked for money when he in no what said that he was a tour guide.  The Ruach already asked us to give him something.  But, he demanded more than what we gave.  We firmly said we could not give more.  The man acted insulted.
  • Before that final incident with David, an Orthodox man came up to me wanting to put a red thread around my wrist.  I, of course, refused his insistence.  He said it was good luck and I said I already had the blessings of HaShem.  Then he asked for a donation for the poor and needy he said.  We gave him a few shekels, but he demanded more.  I explained to him that is all I could give – he finally realized I wouldn’t budge and accepted what I gave and gladly he left with his red threads.
  • Merchants in the Old City would nearly run after you asking you to come to their store.  We ignored them and they all responded like they were insulted.  Abba made it clear that we are not here to buy trinkets, but we are here to pray for this place, know our enemy, and fight as good soldiers.   One thing is clear if the Temple was rebuilt the merchants would converge on it just like in Y’shua’s day.   I will say this.  The Jewish quarter had a much more pleasant atmosphere.  Other than the incident with the Orthodox man, we enjoyed being there than any other place in the Old City.

Yesterday, we went into the Old City.  This time we had a believer who believes in the ingathering of all of Yisrael’s exiles.  We had some blessed fellowship with James and his Israeli girlfriend (also a like-minded believer).  He is a gifted musician.   We went to the Jerusalem Archaeological Park.  We walked on actual steps from the 2nd Temple period.  And touched a stone that Y’shua would have touched when going into the Hulda Gate.

While at the Archaeological Park, we found ourselves in the midst of Yisraeli soldiers.  Now, what was the Father impressing upon our hearts?   Quite literally Abba put us in the midst of them while we were looking at the golden menorah which is going into the 3rd Temple.  We said to them we appreciate them and we’re praying for them.  As we went through the Park on numerous occasions we were amongst them as if Abba was saying we truly are being inducted into service for Him as we contend as watchmen and soldiers for the battle of Yerushalayim and this Land.


A Place of Miracles

If you come here with the right heart and mind, this place will be to you a place of great miracles and blessing.  While fellowshipping with fellow believers at a home here in Yerushalayim, I cried out during worship that I have been delivered from a spirit of fear.  After this declaration, I have experienced further physiological miracles in my body related to spirits of fear.  Before this miracle, we felt refreshing rains coming down for 2 days here!!  A major miracle, particularly if you understand how severe the drought is here.  I believe that YHWH is preparing the heavens for prophetic events soon to take place in the Land.

Chag Sameach from Yerushalayim,

Tzefanyah and Reyyna Pappas

Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us
strengthen (encourage) one another!

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