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A Spark, a Flame, A Lit Menorah

A Strategy for Reaching Ephraim in the Nations

There is a cliché floating around these days that really is quite true. The saying goes like this: If you continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results equals the definition of insanity. I would like to appeal to my brothers and sisters who believe in Yisrael’s restoration that we have been about insanity for way too long. What do I mean by that? It has been upon all of our hearts to reach out to our brother Ephraim. We know that a great number are in Christendom. We have tried many methods to reach them. Including some very harsh methods which amount to pointing out their pagan ways. So how successful have we been with that approach? I suspect if we were honest, many have been turned away. And some of us may have never reached a single individual with the revelation of the restoration of Yisrael.

The Jewish sages always speak about igniting a spark within the Jewish soul. Is there a spark that can be ignited within Ephraim? Is there an Yisraelite spark? The menorah is the great symbol of national Yisrael. Abba was speaking to me in my sleep on the morning of April 24, 2014. In my dream he reminded me of a banner my wife and I received as a gift at the Messianic Israel Alliance conference in St. Louis, Missouri in August 2008. While marching through the arch as a symbol of Ephraim trembling from the West, a Mexican lady gave us a banner as a gift. She said, “I don’t know why, I don’t know why. I prophesy.” The banner looks very similar to the modern flag of Yisrael except with a golden menorah in the center, the symbol of national Yisrael (all 12 tribes reunited). We knew there was a very important message in that banner that Abba was to reveal. In my dream, Abba began to speak forth over and over saying this, “A spark, a flame, a lit menorah. A spark, a flame, a lit menorah.”

The next phase of the dream I was transported to the time Yoseph revealed himself to his brothers. Abba prompted me to ask a question. Why didn’t Yoseph reveal himself immediately to his brothers? Why did he make this a long drawn out affair? Soon Abba began to unfold the answer. This was prophetic of the delay of several millennium passing by before the Yisraelite spark would emerge in His people Ephraim. But, when the spark begins it yields to a flame. Then, finally grieving because of the separation from one’s family which is the lit menorah of national restoration.

We need to change our strategy when engaging Ephraim. We need to look for the spark in the Yisraelite soul of Zionist Christians which will lead to a flame and then a lit menorah of national restoration. The unveiling of Ephraim’s prophetic destiny is unfolding. I believe it is unprofitable to call Ephraim in Christendom to account for not keeping feasts days, shabbat, etc. Instead we must engage the Yisraelite spark within each of them. Meanwhile, we must remember the response will still be a remnant. Abba will do all the work in their hearts when they realize the sting of their separation from their beloved older brother. Shabbat, festivals, etc. will be ignited since the menorah of national restoration has been lit.

I would also like to address Yisraelites that insist on using certain words because of alleged pagan origins. Instead of being critical of them, I now see that they are unaware of the Yisraelite spark within them which has lead to a flame and a lit menorah of national restoration. A hidden desire has arisen in them to speak their mother tongue of Hebrew. Perhaps, we can engage these brothers positively. We can show them the understanding of the lit menorah aglow in their lives. Maybe they would then be open to the strategy of a spark, a flame, and a lit menorah of national restoration.

The behavior listed previously is really one of the birth pangs of national restoration. Revived souls are returning to everything that is about national restoration. Longing to be a people, possess a land, and use Hebrew words are all the signs of a coming great reunion! May it be so in our days!

Shalom shalom,
Tzefanyah ben Yochanon
Chazak Chazak v’nitchazek
Let us be strong, let us be strong and let us
strengthen (encourage) one another!

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