My Beloved Forever

I had heard about her when I was young, but never got a chance to see her until 1998. She is beautiful indeed! I hadn’t realized how much I missed her when I saw her again 11 years later in 2009. I told my wife about her and she wasn’t jealous even though she was always on mind and my number one joy.  My wife even heard of her and she even wanted to see her!  So in 2009 her prayer was answered and she saw her too in all her beauty.  I still couldn’t believe my wife wasn’t jealous!  Yerushalayim the City of the Great King, it took us another 6 years to see her again in 2015, but in 2016 we spent many days there during Sukkot/Tabernacles. My wife and I, now more than ever, have an even greater love for her than in times past! Yerushalayim, you are in my heart forever. As an offspring of the rebellious Northern Kingdom of Yisrael, I say no more shall I turn away. I will embrace you and will never let you go!

About chazakyisrael

Passionately working for the Restoration of Kol (all) Yisrael.
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