The Village Zikaron Ya’acov, Israel – A Gastric Experience: Breakfast at the NILI Restaurant

Before we went to the Aaronsohn House Museum, we thought that it would be appropriate to go to the NILI Restaurant since we will be learning about the spy organization of the same name.  Have you ever had a breakfast like this in the West?  I think in the USA we need to learn how to eat properly.  At every breakfast in Israel you get a salad.   Below you will see two egg dishes.  Reyyna had an omelet and I had shakshuka (A Sefardic egg dish in tomato sauce with feta cheese) and of course, the artisan whole grain bread was amazing!  Listen below to my audio blog about our experience.


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Passionately working for the Restoration of Kol (all) Yisrael.
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