A Timely Blog from my Brother

This latest blog from my brother Pete Rambo really touched my heart.  As I was reading it aloud to my wife, it brought tears to my eyes.   I had a brief discussion with my brother Al McCarn concerning brethren that answer Pete’s question that they rally around a common father when in fact their behavior reflects a far different answer.  My analytic mind tried to delve deeply into the psychology of this question of why folks cannot see their behavior is not consistent with what they think about themselves.  Al responded with a simple to the point answer, “They have a log in their eye.”

Could we say, then that the family of Ephraim has a need to partake of a considerable amount of de-planking?  Where does it start?  Take a long look in the mirror!

The Elders and the Administrative Council for B’ney Yosef North America meet on a quarterly basis via zoom.us to insure our bi-weekly individual Council meetings are well coordinated and moving in the same direction. Our discussions and interaction is always rich and warm as we compare notes and chart the course for the coming months and […]

via Religion v Family: A believer’s litmus test…. — natsab

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