Releasing the Clutter of the Mind to Hear His Voice

My wife and I went to visit her family this past Thanksgiving (Nov. 2017).   It is always a good time with much laughter in the home.   Visiting my in-law’s provided a welcome opportunity to free myself from the clutter in my mind and hear His voice.  While visiting South Florida, we decided to have a little family reunion with fellow Yisraelites.  For Shabbat, we gathered at a congregation called “My Father’s House” in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar FL area.  As the service started a brother from Great Britain spoke up front.   I am able to broadly distinguish between the English speaking accents of South Africa, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and England.  As I am intently looking at this brother, the Ruach HaKodesh whispers into my ear, “He is from the South of England.”   I asked, “Abba what is this all about?”  Needless to say, the Ruach HaKodesh whispered again, “Surrey, England to be exact.”  I had to look up on my phone where Surrey, England is!  It happens to be a city in the Southeast of England!   If my antennas were not up at the beginning of this Holy Spirit conversation, now, they really were!  I whispered to my wife, “He’s from Surrey, England.”   She thought I knew British accents with the precision of knowing which town the speaker was from.  The next part of the conversation was, “Abba what do I do with this?”  He instructed me to speak to this brother after the service and mention that he is from Southeast England–Surrey, England to be exact.   He was blown away that I knew this and asked how I knew!  I responded that the Ruach HaKodesh whispered in my ear. He shared about how he had fond memories growing up in Surrey, England.  With YHVH there are no coincidences.  There are other matters, I need to talk to him about that Abba is revealing to me.   I did make an instant connection with this brother!  Sometimes our minds become cluttered with other things where Abba needs to refresh us to become receptors to hear His voice. Serving others effectively, after all,  is what it really is about.  Sometimes Abba may select you to give a word in season to someone, however, if you allow the mind to become cluttered and distracted, He most assuredly will find someone else to deliver the message!

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